Why You Should Sit Down with Your Home Inspector

An inspection can be a nerve-racking process for everyone involved in a home sale transaction, including home buyers, home sellers and real estate agents. Specifically for agents, this can be a time of worry, when you think your buyer may want to back out of a home purchase if they’re scared off by things that were found during the inspection process.

At AmPro Inspections, we strongly recommend sitting down (or at least having a phone call) with your home inspector once the inspection has been completed, so that we can explain the findings and go over the report with you and your buyers.

We can all remember the first time we played the game “telephone” back in elementary school. With each passing of the message from one kid to the next, the original message was altered, if only a little bit.

Even a change in how something was said could change the intended meaning.

This same thing can happen as things are passed from inspector to inspection report to real estate agent to home buyer.

By allowing your client to hear directly from the home inspector, you can let them to feel more comfortable as the findings are thoroughly explained and everything is put into proper perspective.

Does that crack in the garage floor indicate a foundation issue or just a surface crack?

Does the inspector's notes on the age of the furnace mean it needs to be replaced soon?

These are some of the little things that a professional home inspector can put into the proper perspective, helping your buyer see what items are major concerns and what are simply recommendations for future maintenance.

Especially with first-time home buyers, it can be overwhelming seeing an inspector’s full report. These buyers typically aren’t prepared for what to look for and may be scared off, even if an inspector is simply being thorough with his notes and documentation.

Taking the time to let your clients connect with the home inspector will also give the chance for the inspector to answer their questions and concerns in real-time.

We all know that worry over a lingering question can grow into anxiety over time. You allow your clients to feel more comfortable instantly by giving them the chance to directly as the inspector about their concerns. You avoid the back-and-forth and the waiting game that only breeds more anxiety.

The purchase of a new home can be stressful enough for home buyers, from the mortgage approval process to packing all of their treasured belongs so they make it safely into their new home. Help your home buyers sail through the one of the most nerve-racking parts of the process with ease by setting them up for success.

Take the time to have your clients sit down with the home inspector. Go over the report together with the inspector.

You’ll be glad you did, and your clients will thank you.

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