Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs – Area Information and Real Estate Insights

In the 1870s, Manitou Springs was a tourist destination, made most popular by the healing mineral springs in the area. Today, much of that is still, and the city lures people in with it’s a modern-day amenities tucked into a scenic package.  There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep visitors busy, and residents still find charms in some of the tourist-driven offerings.

You cannot beat the landscapes in Manitou Springs, they are healing in their own right and attract thousands of people each year, and dozens end up making the city their home. This small city only has about 5,300 people, and the primary industry is tourism and hospitality. With its close proximity to other nearby metro areas, residents can actually commute reasonably easily.

If you’re an outdoor recreational entrepreneur, this city is primed for this sort of business with hundreds of visitors coming to Manitou Springs making it a built-in audience for your work. You’ll be supported by other tourist-driven businesses which work together to make this city a destination.

The median home price in Manitou Springs is $388,000 and trend more towards newer construction. The market in this area has increased in value by nearly 10% in the last year. Real estate trends point to a market that will continue to rise by over 5%.

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