Home Inspection Colorado Springs: How to Spot a Termite Problem in Your House

Termites may be small pests, but their damage to your home can be quite big. Exactly how long termites have been in your home can also be difficult to know, so it is better to watch out for their signs. Early detection can help you minimize repair costs and can help you restore damaged parts faster.

So how will you know if you have termites in your home? Read on.

Termite Infestation: Most Common Symptoms to Look Out For

One of the best ways is to schedule a professional American home inspection. That way, experts can assess the problem. If you want to check yourself before professionals get to your home, however, here are the symptoms of termite activity that you can see and hear:

  • Hollow-sounding wood/timber – Floor and wall damage are one of the most telling signs of an infestation. Termites eat wood from the inside, which usually leaves surfaces or veneers papery thin. You can tap or knock on the areas that are usually thick to know if it has been compromised by termites. If that spot on the wall or floor sounds hollow, chances are the wood has already been eaten away.
  • Mud tunnels in wood – Tunnels are more appropriately called “galleries”. Galleries are much harder to see from the outside, though you can still see them through pieces of broken wood. If the wood is still intact, however, you can always schedule for a home inspection. Colorado Springs and the homeowners in it can always enjoy warrantied AmPro home inspection services.
  • Tightened windows or doors – Frames damaged by termites eating and tunneling through wood make it almost impossible for windows and doors to open.
  • Soft clicking sounds coming from walls – Soldier termites bang their heads or bodies against wood to signal danger to the rest of the colony. Worker termites, on the other hand, do all the noisy eating. You can even put your ear against the wall to hear them happily munching away on the inside.
  • Cracks/damage on the ceilings – Ceilings run the same risk of getting infested if they’re wooden. If you find cracks not inflicted by any other injury that weren’t there before, then there could be termites up there.

More telltale signs of termite activity can be detected on the foundation and in your garden. There may even be signs unique to some infested cases, so it is ultimately better to hire professional help.

Getting Home Inspection: Colorado Springs’ AmPro Inspections for Your Termite Dilemmas

Image Source: Washington Post

During the process of home-buying, getting home inspection can sound hard on the money. Our team at AmPro Inspections recognizes and understands this.

Fortunately, we provide affordable services for a variety of inspection needs, including radon and mold testing. Our inspections strictly adhere to policies set in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, and reviews from our satisfied customers guarantee the professional quality we always aim to deliver. No need to worry about a home inspector Colorado that offers expensive packages. We use the latest inspection technology available – thermal imagers, moisture meters, etc – that other inspection companies often charge extra for.

Without the proper inspection, identifying the solutions that your pest problem needs can be hard. To get the job done in a high-quality manner, you would have to hire a home inspector for professional advice. Schedule your inspection with us today to get a quote!

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