How Real Estate Agents Can Safely Refer a Home Inspector

The home inspection market has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry due in large part to realtors hoping to shift the liability away from themselves for issues found with a property after a deal was closed. Many agents now see referring a home inspector as a way for this liability to end up back on their shoulders.

This simply isn’t the case.

First, there is no standing legal precedent that has shown us where a real estate agent has been sued for simply referring a home inspector that did a poor job or missed a major issue with a property.

Beside that, making a solid recommendation to your clients has several benefits for both the real estate agent and the homebuyer.

The 2x Power of Referrals

When any professional gets work from a referral, the incentive to provide excellent service is always doubled.
They want to a good job for the client and for the person that referred them.

Whether you are a home inspector, real estate agent or plumber, when you receive a new client via referral, you have the opportunity to earn twice as much business when you do a great job in these situations.

The person that referred you will be more likely to refer more clients your way in the future, and the client will likely tell their friends or leave you a positive review online.

For these reasons, homebuyers should be even more comfortable with home inspectors that are referred to them by their trusted real estate agent.

Reinforcing Superb Customer Experience

As a real estate agent that prides yourself on providing a great overall experience for your clients, you can ensure that their total positive experience continues during other phases of the buying process by referring professionals that you know and trust.

This is especially true in one of the key parts where a real estate deal can fall flat--the home inspection.

If this all makes sense, but you’re struggling with where to start your hunt for that perfect home inspector referral for your clients, check out 3 Things You Must Consider When Referring a Home Inspector.

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