Is Your Home Inspector A Deal killer?

Home Inspectors play a very important role in the sale of a home. A good Home Inspector can assess the home and provide both buyers and sellers with worthwhile evaluation of the current condition.

But like all facets of the transaction, the inspection must be performed by a competent and qualified individual. A bad or unqualified inspector can kill a deal that otherwise would go smoothly.

There are a lot of Home Inspectors out there, some are very good. But, there not so good. I have seen inspectors that had their license suspended, were uninsured or simply unqualified. Even though Home Inspectors, are only required to meet minimum standards, I have found that inspectors that go beyond the minimum requirements not only provide more accurate information but often make the resale transaction go smoother. The Home Inspectors job is not to find fault with a house, but to provide an accurate and unbiased assessment of the property condition.

So as a buyer or seller, what should you look for in a Home Inspector?

Licensing – Colorado is one of a few western states that still have not adopted licensing requirements for home inspectors. However, clients would still demand to see if home inspectors are at least properly trained and certified. That is why it is important that local real estate boards and home inspector business franchises require their affiliate members to meet certain coverage standards.

Financial Assurance – In some places like Arizona, Home Inspectors are required to carry Errors and Omissions insurance in an amount of $200K. In addition, they are required to post a bond of $25K. Failure to maintain Financial Assurance will result in immediate suspension.

Professional Organization – While not a requirement, many Home Inspectors choose to belong to a professional organization such as American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Both organizations maintain a minimum set of Professional Standards. They also require and track Continuing Education Credits for their members.

Reputation – Before hiring a Home Inspector the clients should thoroughly screen the individual. Using databases like the AZBTR, BBB or other organization that verifies complaints, a prospective client can determine if the inspector is reliable and trusted.

Finally, one of the more ill-advised things a client can do is choose an inspector based on cost. Saving an extra $25 or $50 can costs you thousands if the inspector does a poor job.

Don’t let your Home Inspector be a Deal Killer.

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