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With more than 464,000 residents, Colorado Springs is actually the largest city in Colorado by area coverage. People are flocking to this city from all over the United States and, for good reason. The city and state are an all-year playground, and both have become a hub of business activity over the past decade.

It’s no surprise the best things to do or see in this city relate directly to the outdoor landscape. From Pikes Peak climbs to Jeep tours throughout the valley and hill country. However, for those who want to spend more time inside and away from the elements, you’ll be happy to know that Colorado Springs has art museums, indoor kids play parks and even wellness spas for a more low key pastime.

Healthcare, technology, and hospitality lead the way in business in Colorado Springs and many move to the area to partake in these industries. The cost of living is rising in Colorado Springs, with home prices on full recovery after the 2008 market crash. Since 2011, home prices have gone from around $200,000 to over $293,000 on average today. While residents in Colorado Springs consume more energy than other similar cities, utilities tend to be cheaper, especially with the rise of more solar energy initiatives.

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