6 Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

Investing in a house is a big deal. It involves a lot of money so you need to ensure that it is a smart investment. One of the standard procedures to be done prior to buying a house is to undergo home inspection. A qualified home inspector should be hired to evaluate the property. You can use their expertise as leverage so you can determine if a house is indeed worth purchasing or not.

Here are some of the common problems that are found during home inspection. You will also learn how they factor in to your decision of purchasing a home.

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1. Faulty electrical wiring

This is the most common type of problem that is found during home inspection. It is also the most common cause of house fire incidents. The older the home is, the higher the possibility of faulty electrical wiring. Exposed electrical wires are also a common problem relating to the electrical system, which is true of homes of all ages. These faulty wiring problems are usually due to a do-it-yourself project. A trained and certified electrician can be called in to fix the problem (should you decide to purchase the home).

2. Poor drainage:

There are several signs that indicate a poor drainage. Some of these signs include leaking in the basement and spongy soil in the foundation. A home inspector could suggest ways to alleviate the situation. However, you must determine (with their expert advice) if the problem is reversible or not.

3. Roofing problem:

This is another common issue especially with older homes. Signs of damage to the roof can include curled shingles or broken flashings. The roof plays an integral part in keeping the home dry and protected from the elements. It is recommended that roofing systems be replaced or maintained on a regular basis. If the home is quite old, you might consider replacing the shingles or having the entire roofing system re-done. Based on the assessment of the home inspector, you can determine if it is worth the cost.

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4. Foundation problems:

The presence of cracks on the wall or sloping floors can be a serious concern during home inspection. The foundation flaws could be a result of water damage to the structure. It is important to identify what is causing the foundation flaws to see if it can be remedied. Otherwise, the entire structure might be at risk.

5. Poor ventilation:

Proper ventilation is one of the things that home buyers look for in a property. And yet, poor ventilation is a common issue reported by home inspectors. This problem is characterized by the extreme heat in certain rooms in the house, especially in the attic. Additional roof vents or adding kitchen fans are recommended to improve indoor air circulation.

6. Faulty plumbing:

Problems on the plumbing line rounds up this list of common problems found by home inspectors. Poor plumbing can lead to more problems such as slow drains, leaking, and poor water pressure. This problem can be addressed by repairing leaks and cleaning out drains.

There are more potential problems that can be identified during home inspection. However, the ones listed above are the most common ones you are likely to encounter in old homes. Even with modern homes, these problems can also exist. A home inspection will shine light on these issues and help you assess fixes and remedies. For new home buyers, it will give you an idea on how much work is required to restore the home’s condition.

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